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  • Chit Yee & Hei Ching
  • Su Fun
  • Lai Chin
  • Jasmine
  • Doreen Wong
  • Kean Ho
  • Ming Hon
  • Mei Yuen
  • Ann Chee
  • Paik Lyn
  • Steph Tham
  • David Khaw
  • Jensen Lee
  • Swee Ching
  • Jeff
  • Shih Wei
  • Ying Ying
  • Wei Leong
  • Chua Hui Li
  • Ching Soo Yip
  • Caere Chin
  • Yew Yoon
  • Taik Lee
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Ang Pow

  1. You will be attending my wedding ceremony but you STILL WANT to sponsor us.
  2. You can't attend my wedding ceremony.
  3. You like our idea and website.
  4. You don't know how to utilize your cash.
  5. You want to advertise in our website.
  6. You want to enjoy our happiness.
  7. You are Bill Gate (rich).
  8. You owe us money.
  9. You are crazy.
  10. None of the above.

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