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Wedding Guest List


Here are our guest list who will attend to our wedding ceremony in Bali.
We will update this list from time to time.
Thank you everyone for spending your time and money to attend our wedding ceremony!

  1. Su Fun
  2. Lai Chin
  3. Jasmine
  4. Doreen Wong
  5. Kean Ho
  6. Ming Hon
  7. Mei Yuen
  8. Ann Chee
  9. Paik Lyn
  10. Steph Tham
  11. David Khaw
  12. Jensen Lee
  13. Swee Ching
  14. Jeff
  15. Shih Wei
  1. Ying Ying
  2. Wei Leong
  3. Chua Hui Li
  4. Ching Soo Yip
  5. Caere Chin
  6. Yew Yoon
  7. Taik Lee

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