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About Us


Firstly, thank you for visiting our wedding website. Here are some little things about us. For those who know us, you can skip this paragraph. We come from a small country called Malaysia. We are universitymate and have been together for more than 5 years. This is not a short time for us. During this period, we share our happiness and sad moment. We help each other and guide each other. Till this year, we have decided to start a new chapter in our life.

We have been thinking how to organize our wedding ceremony since early this year. We hope to have something special and memorable. So, we decided to have our wedding ceremony in Bali, Indonesia. We understand that not everyone can travel such a far distance to attend our wedding ceremony. Therefore, was created to share our happiness and joy with our friends and relative in Malaysia. For those who can attend our wedding ceremony, we would like to express our big thanks to all of you. Let's look forward to this fun and excited moment.
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